Can you build a real estate business in Florida? Even when you live out of state?

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Are you interested in building a real estate business in Florida but you live in Texas or another state?

The good news is that you can build a Florida real estate business when you get started with our Florida Qualifying Broker Of Record Program.

Working with a qualifying broker gives you the freedom and flexibility to start your real estate business in Florida including hiring agents and paying commissions.

How To Build A Real Estate Business In Florida

When you are ready to get started with YourBroker, there are some start-up costs to be conscious of. Below are the start-up cost estimates for Florida Qualifying Broker of Records. The various costs are from different governmental and private entities, as such prices are subject to change. Start-up costs will be lowered if you already have an LLC or Corporation with or without a broker’s license.

One-Time Initial Start Up Cost for the State of Florida

Cost Description
-0- Fee to set up your LLC from the Department of State ($99 from Legal Zoom)
$79 State filing fee for Florida
$650 E&O Insurance for Your LLC (Varies by Provider)
$154 Application for Broker License by a Business Entity in Florida
$60 –
Tax Receipt from the county
-Varied- Join an Association of Realtors (if you are not already a member)
-Varied- Open an MLS office account and personal MLS account (if you don’t already have one)

$943 – $1183 Total Initial Costs (probably less than one commission split with your current broker

Make 2021 The Year That Your Business Grows

It doesn’t matter where you live, the Florida real estate market is poised for growth in 2021 and beyond.

Make 2021 the year that you grow your real estate business with YourBroker by expanding your business to Florida and take advantage of the next “Gold Rush” in the real estate market.

Contact Your Broker Sponsor 

For more information about how our Florida Qualifying Broker Of Record program works, contact us today by calling (512) 200-5853 or click here to connect with us online.

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