Designated Broker Texas – Grow Your Real Estate Business In 2021 With A Designated Broker

designated broker in texas

Are you searching for a way to grow your real estate business in the state of Texas in 2021, even if you currently live out of state? The solution is to hire a Designated Broker in Texas.

With our service, we make it possible for you to grow your real estate business, hire agents, and pay commissions without having to invest the traditional time and money doing everything yourself.

Founded by Rodney Henson, Your Broker Sponsor is an excellent resource for growing your real estate business in the State of Texas.

Our company takes pride in assisting agents with building thriving real estate businesses in Texas

How Does Our Designated Broker Texas Program Work?

From the moment that you contact us, we are going to guide you through the process of sponsorship and incorporation.

We will be your qualified broker of Record and are going to assist you every step of the way with accomplishing your real estate goals in Texas.

Once we help you brand your business through a corporation or LLC, you will also have the independence and freedom to build a real estate franchise that will also have name recognition in your target areas.

As we mentioned above, working with our team also means that you will be able to recruit agents for your company and pay commissions with the confidence that those payments will come directly from your office instead of our broker of record office.

We Are The Original Texas Broker Sponsor Program

For over 20 years, our company has been the original Texas Broker sponsor program. We’ve helped countless agents build real estate businesses in Texas including leasing agents, LLC brokerage business entities, and real estate sales professionals.

Thanks to our designated broker program, which is also very affordable, agents can have confidence that they will keep more of the commissions that they generate and more.

Our company welcomes all agent types including:

  • Texas apartment locators
  • Experienced agents
  • Full or part-time agents
  • Commercial leasing agents
  • Real Estate Investors/agents

Why Choose Our Program?

When you work with our designated broker Texas program, you can have confidence that 100 percent commission will be paid to your company at closing, we offer excellent support, broker fee pricing and we are a HUD-approved broker as well!

Some other benefits to mention are when you are part of our Designated Broker Texas program, there are no official meetings or quota and you won’t have to join the board of realtors unless you want to.

For more information about our program, or for questions about getting started, contact us today by calling (512) 200-5853 or click here to connect with us online.

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