Real Estate Agent Success – How To Set Goals And Accomplish Them

If you’ve been studying real estate agent success tips for a while, you know that it’s easy to set goals but it’s not always easy to accomplish them.

One of the biggest reasons why real estate agents don’t accomplish their goals is because they get busy and before you know it, the goals that were set end up in the recycle bin.

Even though you may have had some problems with goal setting in the past, this article will provide you with several actionable tips that you can use for setting goals and accomplishing them.

Real Estate Agent Success Tips

Tip #1 – Break your goals down into steps – This is important because even though you may have a goal to earn $300,000 in 2021, the big question that you should have is how are you going to accomplish that goal?

By breaking your goal down into steps, you create an actionable plan for accomplishing goals because you realize that in order to earn $300K, you’re going to have to basic actionable things like spending more time farming neighborhoods, grooming your database and improving your online marketing funnel.

Some of the tasks that you might also use to accomplishing your goals include: establishing B2B contacts for referrals, reconnecting with past clients and setting up a CRM account then using it on a consistent basis.

Make sure that you set deadlines for accomplishing each step because it’s possible to get sidetracked with goals and spend too long trying to accomplish one step over a period of weeks or months.

Tip #2 – Connect with an accountability partner – Depending on where you’re at in life, one of the most important things that you can do to accomplish your goals is to connect with an accountability partner, or someone who will make sure that you stay on track with accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself.

With an accountability partner, you should also be focused on helping them stay accountable to their goals as well. Doing this will ensure that both of you stay on track, focused, and committed to accomplishing your goals instead of getting distracted by daily life.

Having an accountability partner is a no BS approach to accomplishing goals, especially if both partners won’t take the excuses of the other partner and are focused on offering the best ideas or tools that should be used for goal setting.

Tip #3 – Eliminate What’s Not Working

Last of all, but most important, during the process of goal setting you should also eliminate what’s not working. This means that you have to be willing to take a hard look at the tasks, people, places or things that may be stopping you from accomplishing your goals because time is of an essence and you want to use each day effectively.

You should also be willing to incorporate what’s working for other people because if you can use an online tool or service to help you accomplish your goal, investing in yourself is always worth it.

There are 8,760 hours in one year. Don’t waste another year, or another hour not accomplishing your goals. Take the time to map them out now, connect with an accountability partner and be ready for 2021 because it’s going to be another huge year for real estate in Texas and across the United States.

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