What Is A Business Entity Real Estate Broker?

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Are you searching for information on what is a business entity real estate broker? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will break down what a business entity real estate broker is, and how one can help you.

How Does A Business Entity Real Estate Broker Work?

A business entity real estate broker is business that’s owned by a licensed Real Estate Agent.

This business assists agents who want to start their own brokerage and conduct business in the name of that entity, without having to be a broker themselves.

Saves Agents Time and Money

By working through a broker, a realtor doesn’t have to worry about going through all of the additional classroom training or other requirements to become a broker. When the agent finally becomes a broker in the future, they will simply trade places with the broker and the brokerage will already be branded.

When they work with a broker of record in Texas, an agent simply needs to have a real estate salesperson license for the state of Texas and then have a real broker of record sponsor their company or LLC.

Makes Starting A Brokerage in Texas Easy for Agents

Working with us makes starting a brokerage in Texas easy for an agent. They won’t have to worry about taking the Texas Real Estate brokers test to become a broker, all they need to do is work with a broker of record to start conducting business in Texas.

By working with us you will also have the ability to hire additional agents to make money for their companies without having to pay annual fees, transaction fees, or even commission splits.

Owned by Rodney Henson, Your Broker has been a leading Texas real estate professional for over 20 years. The company has conducted thousands of real estate transactions across Texas and Florida. Our company will give any agent confidence that they can indeed start their real brokerage in Texas quickly and efficiently

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